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Feng Shui

Why is South facing house the best?

According to the concept of feng shui, the "great sand great benefit" house position is to have the back of the house to face the North, the face of the house to the South. The members living in the South facing house will always have peace and good luck. However, if the house you are in has a bad direction, there is still a way to solve it.

His father had a saying: "Get married to a peaceful wife, build a house in the South" or "If you don't work in the South, you can also eat". This is the experience of choosing a wife and direction of the house of the ancients. In fact, the South direction is the most optimal direction when designing and building houses. Because, this direction will avoid the bright sunlight from the East in the early morning and not the harsh afternoon sun. On the other hand, houses facing south also avoid hot winds from the west and are not affected by cold winds from the north.

Feng shui experts believe that, in the south-facing house, the best air circulation will bring good luck and good sand to the owner.

On the other hand, in "Tien Thien Ba Quai", the South direction is the direction of the emperor because this direction has a statue of the hexagram Can (king, heaven). Meanwhile, according to the "Hau Thien bagua", the South direction represents fire and light because this direction has a statue of the hexagram Ly. This explains why the ancient kings often "aligned North to look South" with the implication towards the light, always being enlightened to rule the world. For that reason, the South direction is always associated with power, prosperity and noble destiny.

However, in reality, not every homeowner can build a house facing the South. According to the Bat Trach feng shui sect, only those with the East parity are suitable to build a house facing the South. However, the owners of the Western Tu Trach par can still build a house in this direction if they know how to neutralize it with reasonable feng shui items. Feng shui has a saying: "One taste, two directions". That is to say, location and arrangement are most important. Therefore, if your house has a bad direction, it can still be resolved by rotating the position.

Because the South direction is actually not easy to find, the homeowner can use the main direction of South as the principle, slightly inclined to the West or East.

In case of force majeure, you have no way to build a house facing the South, so open many windows and skylights in this direction. In addition, homeowners should increase the light for the house and plant many trees in the North to make up for that shortcoming.

The worst direction in feng shui housing is the North direction, with negative azimuth. Because, the North is called Huyen Vu Gate, which is the negative room, which is not good in terms of feng shui. The North facing house will negatively affect the health and money of the owner.

For this case, you can solve it by arranging feng shui items to kill like a pot of auspicious green plants, statue of Quan Cong... These items will help promote fortune, bring peace good luck to the owner. Along with that, you should spread a red carpet at the door to receive the blessing into the house.

Thus, the house with the back to the North, the face to the South - "Located in the North of the South Dynasty" is the most beautiful, helping the owner to have a lot of luck, tons of fortune.

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